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Doctor Who Weekly
Issue 38 Issue 39 Issue 40
July 10 1980
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2 Advert Starburst
3 Regular Feature A Letter From The Doctor
4-7 Comic Strip Dragon's Claw
  Part 1
8-10 Feature Spacecraft Through The Ages
  A look at some of the greatest galactic space-ships; The Master's Prison Ship, The Jagaroth Cruiser, The Titan Shuttle, Erato's Ship, Nimon's Travel Capsule
       � Stories referenced: Frontier In Space, The Invisible Enemy, City Of Death, The Creature From The Pit, The Horns Of Nimon
11 Regular Feature UNIT Hotline
  Know Your Enemy: The War Machine
  Alien Alies: The Sensorites
12 News Gallifrey Guardian
  Feature: a brief history of the Sonic Screwdriver
  Feature: Doctor Who actors in The Empire Strikes Back
  Fun: Weather in the Galaxy
13-18 Back-up strip Time Tales
19 Advert Marvel Digests
20 Advert DAP: Doctor Who Posters
Competition Results of Spot The  Starship Competition
  Results of Spot The  Starship Competition from issue 27
21 Regular Feature Fantastic Facts
22-26 Back-up strip The Dalek Chronicles
  The Penta Ray Factor Part 8
  The Plague Of Death Parts 1 - 4
27 Advert Marvel Comics Subscription form
28 Advert Marvel Summer Specials
  Western Gunfighters, Captain Britain, The Amazing Spiderman
DWM Doctor Who Summer Special