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Doctor Who Weekly
Issue 27 Issue 28 Issue 29
April 23 1980
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2 Regular Feature A Letter From The Doctor
3-6 Comic Strip Doctor Who And The Dogs Of Doom
  Part 2
7 Competition The Doctor's Dilemma
  Win a sci-fi combat board game
8-9 Feature The Movellans
  An examination of The Movellans
       � Stories referenced: Destiny Of The Daleks
10 Letters Who Cares!
11 Regular Feature UNIT Hotline
  Know Your Enemy: Sontaran
12-15 Back-up strip Tales From The TARDIS Featuring: The First Men In The Moon
  Part 7
16 Advert Genesis Of The Daleks
  Advert for LP and Cassette
Advert Manchester Comic Mart
Stamp Collecting kit
17-19 Text Fiction Evil Egg
20 News Gallifrey Guardian
  Television: The history of the Doctor Who theme
  Target Books: "The Stones Of Blood" published
  Target Books: "The Claws Of Axos" re-issued
  Target Books: "The Brain Of Morbius" re-issued
  Target Books: "The Invisible Enemy" re-issued
  Fun: How long is The Doctor's scarf?
  Fun: Greebal harvest time
  Fun: Traffic reports 1066
  Fun: Weather in the Galaxy
  Fun: Daleks squabble in market
21 Competition Crazy Caption 28 (The Gunfighters)
  The First Doctor (William Hartnell) and Wyatt Earp (Martyn Huntley)
Results of Crazy Caption 22
22 Regular Feature Fantastic Facts
23-26 Back-up strip Star Tigers
  Part 2
27 Advert Corgi: The Professionals Ford Capri
28 Advert Marvel Digests